CATA ELECTRODOMÉSTICOS, S.L, the home appliances manufacturing company, was founded in Torelló, Spain, in 1947.

Since then, the company has been a pioneer in the home extractor fan business. Its wide range of products includes extractor fans, extractor and decorative hoods, electric heating, fans, and hand-dryers.

The company, whose headquarters are in the province of Barcelona, owns factories in Torelló (Spain), in São Paulo (Brasil) and in Xiao Lan (China), and is constantly expanding world-wide, by setting up subsidiaries and regional offices.

CATA has achieved its position as market leader in the home extractor fan business thanks to its impressive capacity to innovate and its ability to predict future market needs. In the last few years it has grown significantly, both in the Spanish and international markets, due to the high quality and competitiveness of all its products.