JUNG system for Radio Management

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The Automatic switches from JUNG are intelligent solution for saving energy.The light is only on when its needed. And only then when someone is within the detection field of the device. As a wireless model, automatic switch can be positioned anywhere – for instance in the stairscase or other dark areas of the house.

JUNG offers an extensive product range of automatic switches, universal dimmers and electronic transformers for modern lighting control. The energy saving automatic switches in particular ensure that Ligthing control is provided on demand… in corridors or stairwells. Universal touch or rotary dimmers are used to create light scenes to convey the right atmosphere. Thwy can therefore be used for all types of luminaires.

The innovative solutions from JUNG offer customised convenience for controlling shutters and blinds.If you combine controls for shutters and lighting, this becomes really worthwhile: with power saving of up to 61%.

The JUNG Blind Management system controls the shading systems simple and reliable. The centre plate selection offers five different functions of use:

A manual version, a radio-controlled centre plate, one version with memory function and two time-controlled devices.