Protech is certified KNX partner since the beginning of 2016.

KNX is innovative system for new areas of application.
The European Installation Bus EIB has established itself as a future-oriented electrical installation technology on a broad basis.

The new KNX/EIB products that have been certified according to the stipulation of the Konnex Association can be used to extend existing EIB Installations.

The aim of advanced building automation is to control living and work spaces intelligently and to take account of individual requirements when it comes to design. At the same time, aspects like convenience, safety, cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency must be considered in addition to an impressive appearance. The future is already in evidence taday with KNX system. It connects the building in a network of devices that comminicate with each other and takes care of regulating lighting, temperature, security and multimedia like a clockwork.

Some of the benefits of the KNX system are:

Flexible planning

Simple installation

Reduction of the 230V cable lenghts

Energy saving

Rapid adaptation and high level of flexibility for changes in use

Capable of inrecommunication

No control centre required